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March 2017

3 month update

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{Zee is  7 months now.  I got this unpublished posts in my drafts and could not let this important update go to trash}.

Our youngest girl is 3 months old today.  We never thought this much contentment is possible.  She fits in so perfectly in our family.  Muli has never been happier.  Life with Zee is full of special moments and new developments. It seems like she reaches a new milestone every day .

If I have said it, and every mommy have said it, I’m going to say it 10000 times more, where did time go.  Was it not yesterday when we brought her home from hospital?.

Not long ago she was eating-sleeping and repeat.  Now there are lots of things that she is doing like gurgling, giggling,chewing, licking, kicking, sighing and staring at her hands.

She can also roll and she did only once.  Not serious rolling like a ball but she can move from one side to her tummy.  I watched her first roll and I stood ready with a camera on video mode to record and send to Cullo at work.  Unfortunately it did not happen.

She is got a little night  schedule of hers going on when it comes to sleeping.  She often sleeps at 10pm and likely to wake up every two to three hours to eat.  After eating she goes right back to sleep.

The alertness caught me by surprise.  One day she was eating and staying alert for less than 15min then sleep, then the next day she was alert for two hours before she can sleep.

I’m also happy to be able to see the palm of her hands.  She no longer clenches her fist all the time.  I am ready to let go of my jewellery, we will soon be at that stage where she pulls my earrings and necklaces.


  • Her mamma’s voice.  My singing calms her.
  • She likes her play mat.
  • Bath time
  • Looking at and eating her fingers.  Sometimes she sucks her fingers crazily to a point that i think she is hungry.  Only for her to refuse eating.


  • Anything touching her face, you name them water, blankets, cloths, my hands cleaning her.
  • She does not like to be swaddled.  I often swaddle her when I rock her to sleep and fall into sleep so peacefully.  The hell breaks lose when she wants to move and realises her movement is restricted.  She screams very loud and her face turns red in a second.
  • She does not want pacifier or to be bottle fed.

I am trying to let Cullo feed her in a bottle, sometimes.  I am unsuccessful.  I will keep trying, hopefully she learns before I go back to work.

Here are her comparison pics.  1 month, two months and three months respectively.




Its like she changes daily.  Oh, can we also look at that head full of thick black hair.  If you know me and how I do Muli´s hair then you know that I am double blessed.

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