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May 2015



Reminded of my travel romances: Bo-Kaap!

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It was April and I just blinked and it is May.  How is that possible?.  Yikes!  If I did not document some of my adventures in April, I will swear I did not live the month.  Our walk in Bo-Kaap is one of the exhibit that it might seems like I blinked the month away, but I had 24hrs each day of the month. Colourful picturesque houses, cobbled stoned streets, narrow streets.  Tiny houses.  You might think I’m describing one of Paris’s exotic streets.  No, I’m talking about Bo-Kaap. It is a hidden jam right in Cape Town City Centre, […]



June 2017



Out and About with A.

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You know those awkward days when you leave home without kids,  you feel so happy and excited to venture out without kids and yet time and again you cant help but feel like you forgot something.  Well that was me this day. If you know me, you know that I am happiest when I am spending most of my time with my kids.  As a working mom, it is not easy to strike a balance between work and family not to mention making time for friends.   At the end of the week I am only left with few hours to spend with kids. Naturally, over […]