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April 2017

A day in a life.

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I have decided to do a day in a life post because I was frustrated.  I have three things that I feel I should be doing but I am not getting time to do them. 

  • I planned to read the whole bible this year but time dololo. 
  • I seriously should be writing more often and updating my blog post but I find no time for that. 
  • I have books I should have finished reading but going very slow.

I just sat down and wrote what chows my time.  Lets see why does it seems I have 4 hours in a day while everyone has 24 hours.

5am:  Alarm goes off and I switch it off. I have just given Zee a feed. I pretend alarm never happened and I sleep.

5:30 am:  Cullo pronounce the time. I wake up, sit on a bed and I’m feeling tempted to put my head on a pillow. Muli opens the door wide and jumps on the bed to greet everyone. I have to go take a shower so everyone can move from bed, I don’t want Zee to wake up.

6:30 am: The alarm goes off again.  I am dressed already.  This is the time for me to leave but I cant because I was tickling my two babies most of the time . I still need to blend my smoothie. I had my vegetables for smoothie frozen so I just need to throw in a blender.

6:40 am: off to work.  

While I’m driving I’m listen to some motivational speeches.  My mind switches from mommy duties to work duties.  This guy I’m listening to is saying “people who don’t have dreams will always work for people who have dreams”.  What is this now?.  The speech is supposed to make my day not spoil it.  Lets leave this topic right here.

7:15 am: All seated and drinking my smoothie.  I like my breakfast, it is not for weight loss but for making sure I load my system with good food.  My nutritious breakfast goodness is seen in Zee’s chubby cheeks.  Meanwhile my weight on scale is sitting on its highest in my entire life.  Ha!.  Have you head that breastfeeding helps to shed weight well, its the opposite for me. I am not complaining at all though ha!.

This day I have two meetings to attend. I always call my mom or siblings when I drive to meetings (Don’t worry my car has Bluetooth). I know they secretly think I spend my working days in meetings because every time I call them and  they ask what are you doing the answer is I am driving to a meeting or from a meeting. Its impossible to call them freely when I am home because I get to be disturbed by someone screaming “mommy she is falling down, mommy she just got herself in a corner” (and I like that she is so protective of her little sister).

Then work work work.

17:00: I am home.

Zee is always happy to see me.  I got a stay-in nanny looking after Zee during the day. 

I prepare food to cook. Then I sit to breastfeed Zee. After I put her down on a play mat with some toys. I continue cooking. Cullo arrives from work, he picked Muli from school.  Muli joins Zee and kisses and tickles her.  These girls adore each other.

Cullo wrestles with Muli.  She wants to play with Zee and Daddy wants her to dress up for swimming lessons.

18:00: Off taking Muli to swimming class. It’s a 5 min drive. Cullo always takes Muli to swimming but this day I need to talk to Muli’s instructor hence taking her.

18:15: I had a chat with an instructor.   Muli start her lesson.  I sat there chatting with a lady I just met. She quit her job to look after her 4 kids. Her eldest son is in Grade 12 and her two girls (9 yrs & 12yrs) wants to be in a swimming league at their school in the next season and she signed them up here so they can polish their swimming skills. She is holding a bouncy 10months old baby boy. The boy is crazy about her sisters she giggles every time she locks eyes with them. They look like a very happy family. 

Muli finishes swimming and off I go home.  On the way I’m thinking of how my life will be after I have four kids.

I will maybe be a stay at home mom or maybe God will be tired of my prayers and finally decides to bless me with a flourishing business.  Then I will employ a chef in my house, a cleaner and two nannies to look after my  4 kids when I’m running my business.  I  am happy when I’m hands on with my kids . When I’m off working I will be with my kids and never have to worry about cooking or washing their toys. Yaaaaaaaaay!. A girl is allowed to dream. Right?.

18:40: I’m home. Finish cooking. Zee wont let me rest. Once she hears my voice she want me to pick her up. So I put her on the high chair and let her play with her sister. Her sister is busy drawing and guess what. She always draws me. Ha! 

19:00: Dinner time for everyone.

19:30: Bath time for Zee. Daddy bathes Muli also. At this moment I’m seriously considering cutting Zee’s hair its just too much. But my love for the hair is blinding me from reality.  Now girls are in clean pyjamas.  Muli chooses a book to read.  Zee is a busy baby I hope she is listening, Ha. 

After reading I warm up Zee’s milk and let daddy take over.  I go to gym. While I’m in the gym Cullo is going to feed her, play with the girls, tuck Muli to sleep and finally tuck Zee. My kids sleep late.  At about 21:00.  I tried to train them to sleep earlier but I have not tried enough.

20:30: I’m off to gym. That’s why an extra 10kg is still hanging on me 8 months after having a baby. Who gyms at 8pm and loses weight?. Definitely not me because I am just walking on the tread mill listening to bible in audio.

This girl running next to me is seriously having cute butt. I often see her doing squats.

And there is my personal trainer downstairs I don’t like seeing my personal trainer at the gym especially when I am this big (Any one with me here?). I signed up for 6months with him, Just after I was to renew my contract I got pregnant and morning sicknesses were bad. Aaaag, the pregnancy wont let me be great and six pack hates me anyway. Ha!

21:40: I am home. It is so quite in the house, Cullo tucked everyone in bed. First how neat is my house. My helper is the best.

Finding a good helper is like finding a good boyfriend. Once you find one you never want to let them go. Hahahaha!

Then off to shower and prepare Zee a bottle of milk. I do this so Cullo can feed her between 12 and 1pm and I can only wake up between 4am and 5am to feed her.

  • Then I prepare lunch box for myself. I eat left over’s for lunch and Muli prefers sandwiches for lunch. Cullo makes lunch for her in the morning.
  • I take out frozen milk and frozen home made pureed food from the freezer to defrost during the night. And unfreeze my veggies for smoothies (can you tell that I dream of being healthy one day?).
  • I pack Muli’s books from the table into her school bag. He was doing home work with daddy.

Then my favourite part.  Curl on the couch and have a quite time.  This day I am writing this post.

23:00 Switch off the lights and off to lala land.

The cover of my diary book is written: “I wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday”. 

Take care,