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February 2015

A long silence + Morning run.

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Its been a while my cyber friends.  It will all sounds great if I say I was supper busy, but guess what?.  I was not busy at all.  I was just soaking up time, catching up with friends and going to play dates with amazing mommies.  Muli had a great time meeting her old friends.  I did not refuse any invite for a drink with old friends.  I had friends calling to say “Nez open the door I’m outside”.

Friends popped in while I was busy folding laundry or while I was watching my favourite TV series.  All can wait.   It felt good to catch up with old friends after missing out almost two years of their lives.

I value times like these in my life.  Times where I let my daily structure fly out the window.  To be able to order pizza with friends way pass dinner time without feeling guilty of consuming more calories than necessarily ha!.  Going for drinks with Cullo and Muli after work and come back home way pass Muli’s bedtime, once in a while is fine by me.

Exercising has been the only structured area in my life since I came back from France.  Gone are mid week vacations, weekends spent exploring new vicinity, long vacations and the joys of being an expat.  All that is left is good memories and the visible results of indulging French cuisine way too much.

I have been attending a lot of spin classes in the local gym and doing some strength training.  But this morning I took it to the road while the nation was still asleep.  I like the feeling of running IN freedom and INTO freedom that I get when running in the mornings.  The feeling of running IN freedom is triggered by running in empty streets, listening to my footsteps and the morning breeze on my skin.

The feeling of running INTO freedom is triggered by knowing that I am an hour or so ahead of most people, and the thought of having energy all through the day and the irresistible happy feeling thanks to the release of endorphins.

20150211_053017  Its a pity  the route I took did not have a sunrise view but the orange colour in the horizon was perfect for me, enough to make few miles go by unnoticed.


I hope to be back in following a structured life, getting my to do list done only next week.  As for now I am happy with being spontaneous and being all over.

Don’t forget its February, love month.  Keep time aside to do things that makes you happy.

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