Conversations with Myself

About Me



I am a believer, I hail from the Rainbow Nation-South Africa. I grew up in a town called Mafikeng as a daughter to two amazing parents who raised six children, I’m baby number 6. This is the finest gift that my parents have given me, a gift of a life time (my brothers and sisters). I am never alone.  I am who I am today because of my family. My mom is got the world’s biggest set of patience. Raising six kids is not an easy task yo! I have five nieces and four nephews. There is never a dull moment in the family gatherings.

I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I met my husband Cullo at Varsity. One day when I came out of class I went to check a notice board, right there in front of the notice board I found him and he found me. We were married in December 2009. When I look back on the day I found my husband I feel grateful. He is so perfect for me. Me and Cullo are two very different individuals but we have one thing in common, we share a love of Christ.


On the 10th of April 2011 we welcomed our daughter, Muli. We love every single moment we spend with her. The sound of her laughter is our favourite in the whole world.  We often feel like time is flying way too fast. We are living in a moment as we watching her grow, she is so precious.


Formerly a mechanical engineer, now a stay at home mom. I look for ways to exercise my busy mind. I like challenges and find myself restless when I am in a comfort zone hence I started Conversations with Myself. I blog to keep my beloved family and friends in the loop about our life in France. This is a way of documenting all of my thoughts, travelling, family stories and just about our life in France. Sometimes you will completely not understand the words I use; I can’t help it I’m Xhosa. Don’t stop reading though; I swear I won’t make it a habit.

In between my love of running, travelling, watching the sunset and the view of the ocean is this unconditional love I have for croissants. Just serve me plain croissants and we are friends.

Feel free to follow along.

Take care,