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May 2015

Autumn season in Franschhoek.

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Autumn is by far my favourite season.  Its a pity that it normally goes unnoticed in Southern part of Africa.  The reason being that the transitional season of Autumn is very short.   Just like it happened this year, one morning it was summer and the next we woke up to crispy cold morning breeze.  Its unbelievable.   Our closet are still packed with summer clothes.  I am still hoping that one morning it will be so hot that I can get to wear my summer outfits.  And guess what,  it is all a wish.  Autumn  is here. By the time the truth hits me it will be winter already.


On Saturday we drove to Franschhoek to discover the beauty of the changing seasons.  As we have expected the nature was dressed in shades of gold and the cloud blankets were hovering above the mountains.   It was jaw dropping gorgeous.


When we got into The Franschhoek Huguenot Monument gardens, the nature was dressed in colours that are contradicting to autumn season.  It was like spring season as the white flowers leading to the monument were alive,  breath taking and stunning.


This girl felt at home with all the flowers around her.  She could have easily raided all the flowers in the garden if we let her.  She find joy in picking flowers.  Ha!


After a walk in the garden we headed to the wine tasting tour.  We took a hop on hop off bus for our first part of the tour and then the tram.  Of which we cut our tour short and skipped the tram part.  Our first stop was Maison Estate.  We sat at the table outside, under the trees in a beautiful, modern and simplistic designed part of restaurant.  It was pleasant.

2015-05-17 14.48.25

Muli was running all over so we opted to leave the wine tasting table and go for a walk in the vineyards.  It was unfair to ask her to be calm.  Not in this beauty and open space.

2015-05-16 18.04.57

Our second stop was Eikehof Estate.  We were hungry at this point.  We ate Lunch and it was divine.  The staff was very friendly and the service was excellent.


She is crazy like this.


Girlfriend loves her daddy.


Then we headed to the amazing Dieu Donne Estate.  The sun was now going down.  Dieu Donne Estate scenery was the most beautiful.

20150516_141852 We hang out in the lawns overlooking the vineyards.  We found all the places to be kids friendly.  We did not have any issues with our child.  They also have juice to offer to Muli.  They served her in a wine glass and she was sure that we were on the same page.


From Dieu Donne Estate, we had three more stops to visit but we negotiated our way back with the bus driver.  We had appointment with friends we have not seen in a while.  The next stop we missed was the most interesting.  We were going to take a tram up the rolling hills of Franschhoek.  We only saw the tram at a distance and it sure looked interesting.


We did not mind though as this is our home and we will be back anytime we wish.  Franschhoek is amazing with its picturesque vineyards, breath-taking scenery, world-class cuisine and fine wines.  If you are around Cape Town and have never set your feet in the place, just pass by.  There are many good spots for family picnics.  So go on and spend a day in the wine lands.

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