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July 2017

Redstone Hills – Buffelskloof farm Vacay Part 1

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Who else cannot stand the ‘I am bored mommy’ talk from the kids during school holidays?.  My hand is up.


Last week Saturday we packed the kids and drove 6 hours to this beautiful place – Redstone Hills in Oudtshoorn.  The journey was excellent.  Both of our kids are excellent little-travelling-buddies.

We took Route 62 instead of our normal N1 route.  I am sure every body has heard about or has experienced  the vibe on Route 62.  Believe me when I say the vibe is strong.  The vibe on this route makes me to just want to be out of control.  You know the feeling that you get closer Christmas.  Well, I hope you get what I am talking about ha!.

Our plan was to drive straight to our destination.  Not to disturb kiddies schedule and to get there before someone get irritated.  That never happened.  After about 2 and a half hours of drive we pulled our car at Four Cousins Wine Tasting Restaurant in Robertson.


Cullo was doing all the driving so it is obvious who did all the tasting.  Yaay!


We were on the road in about an hour.  The kids got a good rest and I tried to feed them but Zee did not want to open her mouth and Muli claimed she is so full from the juice tasting, so full that she is having stomach cramps.  You see I told you route 62 makes one to be out of control.  My babies where cought up in fever.

Lets just pause and talk about the beauty of Route 62.  The mountains look like they were made just to show case God’s creativity.  There was some road works along the way.  They did not bother us at all as we got more time to marvel at the beauty.


After 6hours of driving there pops out a Kruisrivier turn off ‘that is suppose to be our turn off’ I said.  Then silence and a bit uncertainty.  We were to turn off to a gravel road.  If you have travelled a lot you know a feeling of anticipation as you are nearing your destination.  You get anxious and wonder if the place is as good as it was advertised.

We travelled for good 7km on gravel road.  I wondered if I truly did my homework when booking.  I mean being so far from town with small kids.

Just get this, all was false alarm.  I was never ready for what lies ahead.  What lies ahead will be a story for another post.


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