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March 2015

Century City 10km race.

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It is always nice to find time to run without having something to disrupt me.  I am a predawn type of a girl.  That does not mean I just flip my blankets in the wee hours of the morning and hit the road.  Sometimes I moan  but often I make it to the road predawn.  Waking up might be difficult but it is the feeling of accomplishment just after I reach a finish line that makes it easy to kick those blankies in the morning.


On Saturday I ran Century City 10km Express race.  I was fooled by the word “express” and “flat and fast race”.  To my surprise there was nothing flat on that road yet not very high hills.


The race was held at Century City.  Canal Walk, Century City, Cape Town is South Africa’s largest Shopping Mall.  It boast about housing 400 shops offering unique shopping experience.  On weekend we were not there for shopping but we had a once off opportunity in a year to join thousands of runners and explore the small city.

century city

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I always find inner peace and comfort when running while all is quiet.

My left foot kept on feeling numb which was tiring because I had to take a break and walk.  It was nothing hectic though.  The walking gave me more time to marvel at the surroundings.


I finished at 1h13 minutes.  To me running a race is never about speed.  Though it is good to finish faster, but it is not my motivation.  It is all about fun while keeping a healthy life style.  So I was all smiles at the finish line and displaying my bronze medal with pride.


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