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July 2015

Devil’s peak trail run+Lost car keys.

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The toughest part ever of the morning is simply getting out of bed.  My alarm went on at 6.00am.  I turned it off with as little movement as possible hoping to go back to sleep.  I did not.  I kept on thinking of my desire to run before my day start.  I had promised my cousin that I will do a trail run with her.  She was counting on me.  No way out, I had to wake up.


By 8.10am I pulled up at Rhodes Memorial parking lot.  My cousin arrived in 2minutes.  Hugs and kisses and we were ready for the run.  The morning was a bit chilly but there was no signs of rain.  Its been raining in the past few days.  We were happy to see the trail dry, though it was a bit slippery at the beginning.


Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head are parts of ionic Table Mountain.  Devil’s Peak is not as popular to Capetonian hikers as Table mountain, although it is a mere 85 meters short of Table Mountain’s 1086 meter summit. Lion’s head is the shortest of the two.

As expected, the trail was not as packed with hikers as Table Mountain or Lions Head trials could have been.  There were some cyclist, people walking dogs, family and friends hiking.  The joy of Devil’s peak trail is the forest scenery.  Its vegetation grow gloriously without any disturbance from people as it is off the beaten path.


It was certainly not an easy run.  Time passed by fast because we were talking.  There was a time when my cousin said she heard something like a roaring lion. Ha! She is crazy like that. Ha!


One of the attractions on Devils Peak mountain is the Kings Block House.  It is an ideal place for a short rest.  The house is at a higher altitude, we chose the moderate path as the plan of the day was an easy quick run.   Next time we will go up the Kings Block House.  The moderate path allowed us to ascend and make a roundtrip.

We then started rolling down to finish the loop.  Not really rolling down because there was one last steep to overcome before we reach the end.  I could already imagine the cold water I left in my car.  A good motivation to keep me moving.  We finally made it to our cars and Bhummmm!!  There was no key to open the car.

I quickly remembered that I closed the key into the car boot by mistake.  Luckily the car had an auto-lock system, otherwise it was possible that we could have not found it.  My couz’s car keys were also in my car.  So we called Cullo to bring a spare key.

It was too cold to wait outside for Cullo.  We decided to take a jog to my couz’s place.  My cousins idea.  I pretended to be all fit  and agreed.  I was not thinking straight.  How can I, I mean after hiking for 8km we had to run an extra 3.5 km.  Yikes!

In 20min sharp Cullo and Muli arrived with spare keys. He is a BLESSING I tell you.  We drove back to Rhodes Memorial where we parked our cars.  My cousin left immediately because she had an appointment.  Muli insisted on walking up the mountain.  We took a short walk up and down.  She was uncontrollably elated.


The morning sun rays coming through the trees, the earthy smell, the quietness, coolness,  the beauty of Devil’s peak trail.  Just how awesome is the forest?.


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