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January 2018

Festivities + Perfect holidays Part 1

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How is it possible that we are approaching end of the first month of the year?. I am sitting here reminiscing about December holidays. Me and Cullo live far from our immediate families. Every year we try to have two weeks or more with our families. In the year 2016 we were in Malawi and we had a blast with family and friends. This past Christmas holidays we were in Mafikeng to spend some time with my side of family. I really don’t know which holidays are more perfect than the once spent with family.


Our holidays started before the travelling began. Cape Town is a beautiful place and there are many entertainments and many tourist attraction places. We would have loved to spend all our summer holidays in the white sandy beaches of Cape Town but there is no better place than home. We had many beach days before we travelled up inland.

Assuming everyone agrees with me that festive season start on the 1st December, Ha! Therefore, we kicked off our festive with end of year office party. This function was exceptional because not only the partners were invited but also the kids. Cullo and the girls attended so there was no need to rush back home. It was interesting to put faces onto the stories my colleagues’ share about their kids during coffee breaks and those five minutes greetings on corridors. There was a large open area for kids to run around while parents were catching up. Kids had fun . We stayed till the place closes at about 18:00. The kids were worn out. They slept on our way home and I gave them quick bath when we get home. After they slept through the night.


The following weekend Muli left to Mafikeng to see my parents, my siblings and her cousins. She always enjoys time with her cousins. I was not worried about her missing us but us missing her. As you may guess, there was never a good time to call her. She was always busy playing and answering “I am fine Moooooom”. Too much for bothering to call her. Ha!. Below is half the squad, her cousins.  This is the best pic I took of the kids.  No bribe was enough to get the stand still for a pic. She spent two weeks at home before we can join her.


But first we had to attend my cousins wedding in Gauteng.


We drove miles and miles from Cape Town to Johannesburg. We have never driven a long journey with Zee before. I was anxious a day before travelling to Johannesburg. It turned out that I did not need to. Zee is a good traveller, though she needs me to chat with her, hold her and just distract her at the back seat while Cullo was driving. We had normal stops for fuelling and stretching our legs. In about 11 hours we were in Bloemfontein and we spend the night. We booked for an overnight stayed. That was a kind gesture to ourselves.


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