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June 2017

I jinxed it and Fathers day

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Its been long since I visited this space.  Thanks to the long weekend and been down with flu.  The irritating part of this flu is that I jinxed it.

On Wednesday I was talking to my colleague saying that I have been taking Vitamin C at least 4 times a week for the past 2 months hoping that my immunity will be stronger and I don’t get flu this winter.  I got home and told Cullo the same thing.  I even said that Vitamin C working.  Shame on me.

Guess what, when I came from work on Thursday I had flu symptoms. I have been in bed since Thursday.  I went out to see a friend yesterday which had me forgot a bit about the headache, sore and dry throat, teary eyes and leaking nose for a bit.  I had good lough and watched our kids going crazy, playing.

The good thing though of the flu part is I got bored and thought of this space.  Walla!. the first post in  while.

Today is Fathers day.  My kids are blessed to have Cullo as Dad.  He loves, provide for them and protect them so well.  I truly could not ask for a better father for my kids.

I woke Muli early this morning so we can prepare breakfast for Cullo.  I picked her up from bed and put her on a kitchen counter and told her she must not move.  She is helping me make breakfast.  I did not want her to wake Cullo and Zee.  I don’t know when did she broke lose because I heard her talking to her dad through an open door whispering ,we are making you breakfast, wake up.  Eish! LOL!.

Nevertheless, Daddy enjoyed breakfast in bed.  I prepared the kids and let them go with Cullo to church while I rested and getting stronger for a long week.  Father’s day celebration still continues.  We are going to celebrate Dad’s with friends through dinner later on today at my place.

Let me have a good nap and then run to grocery stores to pick some things for dinner.




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