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February 2015

Koeberg 15K race!

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Are you running Koeberg 15K on Saturday?.  That was my friend asking me.

Hey, we are running a 8K this Saturday, said my sister who lives 1500km away from Cape Town.

On Friday midnight as I was laughing my lungs out with a friend, she kindly reminded me to call it a night so I can be preserve the energy  for the race.  There were dark clouds on Saturday morning when I leave home.  Possibility of rain crossed my mind but turning back was not an option.   I have made promises to my sister and my friends, rain or shine I have to do it.


Koeberg 15km race was held at Koeberg nature reserve.  It was scenic route, we ran on tar and gravel roads.


The first 5km went by without notice.  I settled into a nice casual pace, my goal was to have fun and relish the views.


On 7km mark, I started questioning my decision to run 15km.  My first race of the year, why did I not do 10km?.  It was tough.  Like a consolation to my weary self, when I raised my eyes there was a lovely view of the ocean complete with a cool breeze.  It was the best part of the race.


After the lovely view and the breeze from the ocean I needed something to keep me going.  Well, I paced myself with two guys.  I tuck in close to them without them noticing until we reach a 10km mark.


I increased a pace at this point, leaving the two guys behind.   Only 5km to go.  Oh boy was I wrong, just at the pick of my pace there comes multiple hills.


Then I got a motivation from the lady proudly wearing a 60 years sticker on her t-shirt.  If she can do it at 60 years I can at least run through the last 4km.  She was very strong and I passed.


I finished right at an hour and 50 minutes. I was pleased as I was not focused on speed and I was slowing down to take pics now and again.  I was more pleased to find Cullo and Muli at the parking lot.

20150221_085805        20150221_100630

The big thank you goes to those who were out volunteering for us at the race. Their cheering came out when we most needed it.  The event was well organised and we had abundance of water to keep hydrated.  My shoes are full of dust but my heart is overflowing with joy.  You know the joy that only a runner feels after finishing a challenging race.

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