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September 2017

My ray of sunshine.

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Spring has sprung in this side of the country.  We are still having chilly days.  In those few hours when the sun is out we make use of the chance and go play outside.  You are welcome to admire the amazing vegetation in these pics.  I don’t want to talk about spring right now.  I just want to talk about my ray of sunshine.

Lets forget about those ugly moments. Like those nights when I have just fed her for the 4th time and within 8min she is up again. Or those days when she refuses to dress up to school, I mean a day after my boss talked to me about my late coming. Lets just think about the good times because in reality the good times outweigh the bad once. These kiddos are cute. I can just stay the whole day listening to Muli stories or playing pokaboo with Zee. Here are the crazy things that Zee and Muli get to do.

  • Zee is smart. She knows when you are about to walk away from her. She can see your lack of interest and she will start to complain. Just give her your back and take a step. She will scream murder, not crying but screaming. When she screams like that, she chooses who should “comfort” her. She likes to be held by her sister but she prefers bigger hands when she cries or screams. She is clever.
  • Muli hates unhealthy food. She dreams of being healthy one day. She wishes junk food was healthy. She will be eating her second crepe and when she is about to finish is then that she thinks of “healthy or not”. Then she will ask me if what she ate is healthy, knowing clearly that its junk. My girl will finally say ‘mommy sometimes crepes are healthy hey?’. She is such a girl.

  • Zee does not like throwing tantrums for small stuff. She never wants to waste her energy on crying when she does not want to eat. She just closes her mouth tight and she wins. She will put a straight face and not open her mouth.
  • Muli is scared of every living insect. I don’t want to mention big things like snakes or monkeys. The girl doesn’t want flies, ants, cockroaches, spiders or bugs around. If she gets naughty I threaten to take her to naughty corner. Naughty corner is garage and there are ants there. She will behave in no time.

Yes I do get the challenging time like any other moms sometimes but the happy times far outweighs the bad. I love these two nuggets.  They are my ray of sunshine that brightens me up in my worst days.

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