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December 2014

Obsessed with Mills Body Pump.

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Remember my latest adventure – French gym.  Well, what started as a mere fun adventure has turned in to a fun routine.  I am a bit obsessed with Mills Body Pump.  What makes it more fun is that I know that my obsession wont last long as I have few weeks left to pack my bags and go back home – SA.

I often go 3 times a week to body pump class.  I would have loved to go more but after an hour of lifting I need a day to recover sore muscles.

I get three different trainers a week because I go in different times of day.  They are complete opposite of each other and that makes my training sessions to be more interesting

There is ‘the singing trainer’.  This lady is so funny, she likes to sing.  She sings so loud and she sings out of tune, ha!.  And those dances that she makes after a hard 4min set are hilarious.  She makes pain to be bearable.

Then there is “the serious guy”. This one is no nonsense kind of trainer.  He wants everyone to push themselves to the limit.  His voice makes you uneasy and you end up killing yourself for a good hour.  He says we must like pain and pain is our friend.  Somehow he manages to make us push through pain.

Then “the easy guy”.  This one keeps an eye on the not so fit ones.  He will give you so much thumbs up that you end up pushing yourself so that you don’t disappoint him.  Everyone in his class push harder because they  feel his support and kindness.  He is the best and makes you to embrace pains and push gracefully.

Surely you can tell that I have the best trainers.  The good music just add cream on top of the cake.  We rock the training with the compilation of Les Mills Body Pump 91.  I like all 10 songs but there are 4 songs that I am crazy about.

The first track Ten feet tall by Sum Two is perfect for warm ups and getting me in the mood training session.

Right in the the middle of session when my body is reaching the fatigue stage, hearing the sound of Armin Van Buuren Feat. Cindy Alma  – Beautiful life lifts me.  This song has never failed to pump me up

Then the core time, who really likes to do core workout?.  Aaaaag!  Les Mills body Pump founders knew this very well and put the voice of Jason Derulo – Trumpets.  The rhythm is spot on for flexing those core muscles.

My last favourite is the cool down song by OneRepublic – Burning Bridges.

This song is followed by clapping of hands, clicking sound of pumping irons as they are placed in storage racks and sweaty faces all the way to change rooms.

And its a wrap!

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