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June 2017

Out and About with A.

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You know those awkward days when you leave home without kids,  you feel so happy and excited to venture out without kids and yet time and again you cant help but feel like you forgot something.  Well that was me this day.

If you know me, you know that I am happiest when I am spending most of my time with my kids.  As a working mom, it is not easy to strike a balance between work and family not to mention making time for friends.   At the end of the week I am only left with few hours to spend with kids. Naturally, over the weekend I try to cramp everything from pj days with kids, play dates, movies and catching up with adult friends.

(Talking about movies, I am starting to feel like its imposible not to sleep in the cinema.  And I am always admiring those moms who stay alert all through the kiddies movies in cinemas.  They are my super heroes).

With all that said I am learning to be happy going out with friends while leaving my kids at home. Mommy guilt is endless.

The other day we planned a day packed with fun activities with my good friend.  We started off at BoKaap.  The atmosphere in this place is amazing.  I wrote about BoKaap before here .


Then we took  1 hour + drive to Boulders bridge.  It was a nice drive and the scenery is superb.  We talked about everything including talking about my dream of buying a real camera.  Good once are expensive though.

When we parked our car, I made a mistake of convincing my friend to leave a hand bags.  I was too excited about not carrying a diaper bag. Ha!

We took a long work.  Oh the wind breeze.  Draw back is we could not buy icecream or get into a penquin protected area because the money was in our hand bags .  Sad.

We came back and walked to the car have our bags and walked to a neaby restaurant to grab something to eat.

We then drove off and drove around Simons Town.


That was an amazing day spend with a friend without carrying a diaper bag.


Back home, I found kiddies in a happy mood at home with Cullo.  I took where I left off, bath time, bedtime stories, request of thousand kisses before real real sleep.

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