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January 2018

Perfect Holidays Part 2

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I have never hit the snooze button like I did in the past few weeks.  I am sooooo lazy to wake up in the morning.  Today my alarm rang once and I kicked off the blankets.  As I was running in the morning breezed I vowed never to hit a snooze button like I do this days.  I need to stop being lazy and go out for a morning run or walk.  Summer will be over soon, and I will miss morning runs. 

Ok, back to Perfect Holidays.

Our hotel in Bloemfontein did not disappoint. We arrived before the sun set. We had plenty of time to play with Zee in the gardens and walk around. Zee was in very go0d mood. She was so much herself.


When travelling, a happy kid means happy parents.

There were stairs leading to a higher landscape where you can see a nice sunset. Zee was super hyper that day. She went up and down the stairs twice. She was still energetic after a second hike but we were over that, ha!. We ordered dinner and had it on the patio opening up to the bush. This is Africa. If you have travelled or had a Safari in Africa you will get what I mean. It was a perfect dinner to end the day.


Going back to our room to sleep, it was hot. A bath never felt so good. I mean I was from Cape Town were we are experiencing severe draught and water use restrictions. Submerging my whole body in a bath felt like a serious luxury. We made a mistake of sleeping with Air-conditioning Unit on. We woke up in the early hours of the morning with dry noses and Zee was very upset. We could not undo the dry nose but we switched off the aircon and that was the end of our peaceful sleep. We spent the rest of the time before we can kick off the blankets consoling and apologising to Zee for making her throat dry. She did not forgive us easily. Ha!. But life had to move on and she knows that ha!. We had a visitor on our bed and Zee was impressed!


We had our breakfast and played some more with Zee before we head out to Johannesburg. Driving to Johannesburg was a breeze. Zee slept the whole time because she did not sleep well last night. Thank you air-con!. We arrived in our BnB while the sun was still up and took some time to let Zee run around in the beautiful gardens.

A day before we drove to Bloemfontein I checked the place we booked in Johannesburg. I booked the place in the beginning of November already because I knew there was no way I was going to miss the wedding. To my surprised it turned out that I made the wrong booking. I booked for a month of November instead of December. I was so upset. We had to look and book for another accommodation. SAD.

It did not take us long to find a good place. But upon our arrival we had to view three rooms before we can make a decision as to which one meet our needs. The hosts were kind and patient with us. We got a family room and we did not regret choosing it.


The next three days we spent in Johannesburg flew by. My cousins wedding was beautiful. It was made more beautiful by the groom and the bride. It was a match made in heaven. It sounds like I am excegarating, ha but it was. My cousin found love. She was the happiest I have seen in my entire life. Her wedding was perfect. As we were leaving a church to a reception venue it rained. A sunshower, you know that rain that rains while the sun is shining. It added to the beauty, the groom and the bride took a slow run and the guest followed. PERFECTION!. There was a bit of delay at reception as the groom and the bride needed to do some touch-ups after the rain drizzled on them.


The last night before we leave Johannesburg was a bit bad. I received a call that night from Muli. She said ‘Mommy I miss you so so much’. Her words broke my heart into many many pieces. All I wanted was for the sun to be up so I can be reunited with my girl. We had to go see Cullo’s Nephews before we leave Johannesburg. We woke up super early so we can get home to Muli before night time. We drove safely to Cullo’s Nephews and find them in good health and extremely excited to see us. And we were happy to see them.


Take care,