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July 2017

Redstone Hills – Buffelskloof farm Vacay Part 2

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Redstone Hills is the name of collection of cottages situated at the Hills that are redish in color. The highlight of this area is the landscapes. It is tranquil. We rented a two bedroom cottage.  We stayed at Vineyard cottage. Our cottage was built in the 19th century.  They tried to keep the cottage in its original state.  It felt amazing to stay in a place with so much history.

We kicked off our with a drive to town. Our holiday cottage was 30 km away from nearby town- Oudtshoorn. Initially we planned to do some touring in town but after this trip we realized that if we are to enjoy our stay we better cancel out trips to town. We bought enough supplies to last for the duration of our stay. 

Our mornings were very slow. I was usually the last one to wake up, around 9 am. Aren’t holidays supposed to be like that?. Cullo likes the morning quietness, he is the first one to wake up. The kids wake up at 6am and often Cullo is up in the lounge by then. I mean who wakes up this early during holidays? When Muli wakes up, she comes to join me in bed. She always has stories to tell. Then little sister hears her voice and wakes up from her sleeping cot and join us. Then she starts poking my eyes and nose and big sis pretend to be stopping her. Once I open my eyes it’s like green light, its officially morning. I drag this poking game as long as I can, which is 10min max.

There was an 8am activity around the farm planned for kids. Kids were to jump on a truck and join in feeding animals. It was too cold in the mornings. We let it pass.

After everyone has eaten breakfast we enjoyed taking walks around the farm.

The other day we drove 2 hours straight. We explored the surrounding areas. We drove in Kruisriver road, the gravel road that passes by the cottages. The area was amazing. People were greeting us as we drove. It was like we are leaving in the olden days. Some guys even said our car was beautiful. Ha! So kind. Most houses are built in old Dutch architectural style and painted white. Only few houses are painted with different colours. The gravel road is in very good condition. Once in a while there will be a car passing by and also we will get a wave of hand. It felt like we were driving in a jungle. We have a lot of time of time to chat and chat and both kids slept. The road was going on forever, we decided to drive back to our cottage.

In the evenings, we liked lounging around fire and roasting some muchmallows. Muli was in heaven and Zee could not believe that nobody was saying no to her eating sweet staff.

It felt good to watch the fire burning and chatting the night away with my boo when the kids are off in bed.

Sometimes we played outside and watch as Zee show us birds, cows and horses. Muli was surprised by the country side vacation.  The first day she kept on asking when are we going to the hotel. Once she saw animals she became excited and forgot about a hotel. Ha!

We had a good three nights rest. We could not receive or make calls in our cottage. That gave us time to be present in each other’s company. This was by far the coziest winter vacation. I have a feeling we will be back here next year.

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