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February 2017

Safari in Africa- Luangwa 1

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(December update)

I have done a couple of Safaris here in Africa and in all experiences I was amazed.  The last Safari we did was in 2010.  We went to Kruger National Park and we were as satisfied as we were with our recent Safari.  There is something intriguing in seeing the animals roaming freely in the jungle. My whole body and mind get a feeling of freedom and connection that I don’t understand.  I really need a Safari trip every year ha!.

When we were in Malawi in December we took some time to visit at South of Luangwa National Park in Zambia.  Zambia is (+-)600km from Malawi.  Cullo´s good-ol-friend joined us.  It rained heavily for hours on our way to the Park.  I were not in a rush, we drove slowly all the way.  We crossed the borders without any hassles.  .

The rain stopped when we were approaching the gates of what was to be our home for the next four nights, Mfuwe Lodge.  Only if I had time I will dedicate a post and tell you about this lovely place, but time is so limited for me.  But if you interested you can check the lodge here.

Just when we were pulling on the gates we saw troop of monkeys.  They were jumping all over, like putting a show. The game guard immediately told us not to be fooled by the stunts the are pulling.  All they want is a piece of fruit and they are notorious of helping themselves when they find a car with an opened window.


Soon we pulled at the reception.  The welcome was very warm, we were shown to our rooms.  The rooms were truly amazing.  We did not want to compromise on accommodation, we wanted a place where mosquito’s can be controlled plus an air-conditioned room.  I did not take much pictures in the room.  We booked a family room.  Our expectations were exceeded.


We arrived in time for an evening tour.  I asked to be excused as I wanted Zee to have enough rest because we had a long drive (6 hours’ drive from Malawi).  Everyone was so pumped to start the tour and I was also looking forward to some cuddles and gummy smiles.


We were assigned a tour guide for the duration of our stay.  Our tour was scheduled every morning just after sunrise at 6:30 to 11:00 and evenings at  16:30 to 20:00. Four hours seems like forever when you are with a 5 year old and 5 months old.  Zee was napping many times during the tour but Muli was all active all through.

Elephants, Zebras and monkeys were in abundance in our view from our room.  The rooms were exquisite.  While the guys were gone I bathed and massaged Zee.  She slept right away and I had time to read a book and sit in a balcony watching sunset and of course in the backdrop was animals.


When the guys came back at 20:30, we were refreshed and ready to go for dinner.  All meals were included in our package.  So it was easy.  Anyway, there is no town nearby even if you thinking of buying a meal of which you won’t need to because they were serving delicious meals at the Lodge.

When I saw this pic  from the evening tour, I knew I missed out.  How neat is the sunset though?.


Can we just pause and talk about the sleep?.  OK.  Before we snoozed there were monkeys on our roof.  They were running around.  They were even looking at me through small opening i the window.  Hahahaha!.  I did not want to show Muli because I knew he will have problem falling asleep at night.

Later there was a roar of lion and the silence lingered as the lion roars. Just after the lion stopped the call of frogs started.  I felt so relaxed but the Lizard in our room was a spoiler.   It was catching flies and insect and Muli was busy stressing about it.  I was too, but Cullo said we must leave a lizard alone.  Yep.  “Leave a lizard alone”.  I told myself if he was not killing it I was not going to either (I don’t think we are allowed to kill any living creatures in the park, besides Muli takes killing of creatures as murder and I did not want my child to experience murder in that age) .   The grass roofing was high without ceiling so I got convinced that it will disappear somewhere in the roof when we sleep.

We all fell in deep sleep and let the Lizard be the lizard. Scary.

“Good morning, knock-knock”.  It was a 05:30am wake up call.  The dream life we lived in the safari though, even our alarm clocks got a break.

To be continued….


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