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March 2017

Safari in Africa-Luangwa 2

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(December Update)

Excuse me in advance for being too wordy. I want to safely bottle the phenomenal moments we experienced so that I can relieve them many years to come when I read this post.

Continuing from the Safari in Africa-Luangwa 1 here, we woke up with raw energy from sleeping so close to nature (I mean we slept with a lizard hunting in our room, ha!). We had breakfast a bit late (with kids it was expected). Our tour guide or game ranger joined us for meals. I liked the idea. That means for the 4 nights of our stay we were talking animals, most of the time. How come all this time I never knew that a group of giraffes is called a journey of giraffes?. Am I the only one?.


The game drive was as expected. Amazing! Ever heard of a say that an African safari is a spiritual experience?. It is indeed. And there are lots of spiritual experiences in life that one cannot come up with words to describe. Amazing, is all I can say of the experience but just know that it is way above Amazing.


We got ourselves comfortable in our game tour car. Few minutes after we took off, our tour guide got a call that a leopard was spotted hunting.


He quickly drove us to the spot. I felt sorry for puku’s and the springboks. Instead of running away from the leopard, they followed it around. You could see that they were on guard and very very scared. They were making a sound to alert others. We watched as the leopard moved from tree to tree often times looking for opportunity to attach.


We left the leopard and headed to the pride of lions having naps and rest and cubs playing around. There was a couple of other vehicles watching the kings of the jungle.


The lions were napping without any care in the world. I am sure they know how powerful they are and that they are feared by many. The little cubs were going on playing without any idea of who they are and how powerful they will grow up to be. I was just scared thinking what if they just decide to come closer and play in our car.


Our tour guide was relaxed though and telling us about their behaviours. I was glad we opted for tour guide instead of driving ourselves.

Later on during our drive we saw a herd of Buffalos crossing the road just in front of us. Our game ranger quickly alerted other game rangers (animals in the jungle are for all of us to see. Ha!). It was a site to behold.


When all of us were watching buffalos Zee was more interested in sucking her fingers.


Then it was elephants, walking from one mango tree to the other. Hoping to find some mangoes. The mango season was over so it was hard to find any. Apparently the elephants in Zambia are crazy about mangos. On our arrival we were warned not to keep mangoes in our rooms. As elephants might break into the room when they perceive mango smell.



Here is my family on the banks of Luangwa river in Zambia.


Our game ranger was armed with comprehensive knowledge of Mother Nature. He sure is passionate about his job. He has a vast knowledge of wild animals from small plants, small insects, birds and all up to Africa’s big five. During our safari tour we saw all the big five excluding Rhinos (I blame rhino pouching).   Check this view of sunset at Luangwa river.


We continued with game ride morning and evening during our stay. All days were typically the same. Night drive was a very different experience. I normally don’t like driving in the streets without lights. Imagine driving in the dark, in the jungle, in an open car. It’s a thrilling experience.

We truly had a good time. We had no problem with the kids. I was specifically worried about the heat. The temperatures were cooler during the times scheduled for touring; by the time the temperatures rise we were ready to go to our air-conditioned room.

I liked that there was no network connection in the rooms. Rather connection to nature without disturbance. Network was only available in the library.

I think I am bitten by a safari bug. I am addicted. I need to go back soon. But hey, the trip does not come cheap. So as from now, if we go out and I order tap water for drinks don’t be alarmed, I am saving for my next fix.  Ha!


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