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August 2017

She turned ONE

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This post is late by 2 months.  A clear sign that I cant keep up, my babies are growing way too fast.

I cant believe that 12 months has already passed since our lives were blessed with the presence of Zee.  She is our ray of sunshine.  To say I am loving being a mommy for the second time is understatement.  Zee has changed my view of life and the world completely, in a good way.

To celebrate Zee’s milestone, I bought some cup cakes and we celebrated as a family.  The day before her birthday I went to shops during lunch time to buy BIRTHDAY CANDLES.  When I got home I realised that I bought everything but BIRTHDAY CANDLES.  I was so not impressed and big sis Muli was so over me.  I am just putting it out there in case one day Zee asks why her first birthday cup cake looks so lonely.


During all the noises, Zee was just looking around and wondering whats the excitement. It seems like we enjoyed more than Miss party.  As we presented the birthday cup cake, she looked at it and squashed it lol. Just like that.  She did not want to eat it. It sounds like one sad birthday party but it was not hahahahaha.  The squashing of the cupcake did not bother us lol.  We continued singing happy birthday for her.

Zee is one happy child.  Its so lovely to watch her character coming out.  She likes

clapping hands, giving high fives, open mouth kisses, oranges, mashed sweet potatoes, saying no.

She dislikes,

water flowing from her hair to her face, being straped in high chair or car seat, taking things from her, to be told no,  She likes saying no but none should say no to her.

I anticipated her first step walking when she turned one because she has been walking with supports from walls and furniture for some time. How I wish I was the one who saw the first, hello working moms. The other day I came home and my child minder said “Zee started walking this morning”. Oh What?. I tried all my tricks so I can see the first steps. And gues who did she respond to?. Big sister of course. I have a video to prove it. Ha! So just like that at exactly 13 months she took her first steps. Muli walked at 12 months 3weeks. A week shy from 13 months.


She is loved dearly.

Take care,