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July 2017



Redstone Hills – Buffelskloof farm Vacay Part 2

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Redstone Hills is the name of collection of cottages situated at the Hills that are redish in color. The highlight of this area is the landscapes. It is tranquil. We rented a two bedroom cottage.  We stayed at Vineyard cottage. Our cottage was built in the 19th century.  They tried to keep the cottage in its original state.  It felt amazing to stay in a place with so much history. We kicked off our with a drive to town. Our holiday cottage was 30 km away from nearby town- Oudtshoorn. Initially we planned to do some touring in town but after […]



July 2017



Redstone Hills – Buffelskloof farm Vacay Part 1

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Who else cannot stand the ‘I am bored mommy’ talk from the kids during school holidays?.  My hand is up. Last week Saturday we packed the kids and drove 6 hours to this beautiful place – Redstone Hills in Oudtshoorn.  The journey was excellent.  Both of our kids are excellent little-travelling-buddies. We took Route 62 instead of our normal N1 route.  I am sure every body has heard about or has experienced  the vibe on Route 62.  Believe me when I say the vibe is strong.  The vibe on this route makes me to just want to be out of control.  You know the feeling […]