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March 2017



Safari in Africa-Luangwa 2

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(December Update) Excuse me in advance for being too wordy. I want to safely bottle the phenomenal moments we experienced so that I can relieve them many years to come when I read this post. Continuing from the Safari in Africa-Luangwa 1 here, we woke up with raw energy from sleeping so close to nature (I mean we slept with a lizard hunting in our room, ha!). We had breakfast a bit late (with kids it was expected). Our tour guide or game ranger joined us for meals. I liked the idea. That means for the 4 nights of our […]



February 2017



December was lived-in Salima

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Yes,  it is now Feb and I am still thinking of December.  For me the joys of being a blogger is being able to re-live the past by writing. December month started with Zee turning 5 months.  Then big sister Muli finished  school term and was gearing for summer holidays.  As for me, I was dying to take a break from work and spend time with my cubs, family and friends. We wanted to spend all our summer holidays with Cullo’s family in Malawi.  We have not seen them in a while.  Grand parents have not met Zee, so it […]