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July 2014

The Cher Valley Adventure.

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I woke up missing running along Cher Valley.  I can run there every morning if possible.  The only draw back is that I have to wake up extra earlier because the is no shading on the trial unlike at Park de la Gloriette.  I started my run earlier to avoid the summer heat.


My mind was ready for the challenge. It was very quiet with occasional passing of some runners.  Morning runners here are not as friendly as the once in South Africa.  Back in South Africa we greet each other with warm smiles that makes one feel like they belong to one precious club. 


I normally don’t run pass this point.  This morning I felt like exploring the valley further. 


The Cher Valley Village.


I ran my final distance on this flat road before turning back home. There were some fisher men and enthusiastic runners along the way.  Running back was much easier.20140723_073234

I finally reached home!  I covered a good 10km.  I’m glad its all done.


Yesterday I enjoyed Muli’s company in my morning walk.  She liked the morning fresh air and saying ‘hi’ to any runner who cares to give her some attention.  We stopped to pick flowers.  This girl can talk non stop.


I’m off to start the day.  Have a good one!

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