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July 2014

The first mile is the hardest.

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Hello Friends

Hope you are doing great and loving the season.  I know for sure that back in SA they experiencing dry winter inland and wet winter in the coastal areas.  We are fully in summer season here and some rains.  I kicked off my day with a run.  I woke up 10 minutes earlier than normal.  I wanted to see the red sky just  before the sun set.  I was right on time.


The first mile was a nightmare.  If it was not of this view I swear I could have walked all the distance instead of running.  There was this little voice that was saying ‘Nez, stop right now’.  It was too soft for me to take it serious anyway.  I just pressed on..  My legs were stiff  besides the fact that I had a rest day yesterday.  I walk about 2km to pick Muli daily.  I think that added to my sore legs. Once I pushed myself pass that 1mile it was all a breeze. This Barricade under the bridge made it all easier.


I could hear the sound of water fall a mile away from the barricade.  That makes tackling another mile much easier.  After this point I gained balance and started enjoying the view and the sound of my foot steps.  I was feeling more relaxed and comfortable.


Coming back I took a different path.  When passing on this road during the day it is always busy.  Seeing it so empty made me want to run on it. And I did.


I ran a good 7km.  I felt so good that I have done it. 

I am yet to hear someone say they regretted a workout.


Take care,