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December 2017

Things that decorated my life in the year 2017

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I thought it will be great to pop-in and document the highlights of 2017. I can’t believe we are here already. Plans about holidays, x-mass shopping are on full swing. Please raise your hand if you cant concentrate at work and so looking forward to holidays. Mine is up. I am seriously feeling anxious. I don’t know whether to start counting down the days to the close of the office or I should just chill and wait for the day. I also feel like doing nothing and go out to the beach at every chance I get, play with kids and binge-watch series. I am trying very hard to stay calm.

Having kids taught me to enjoy every moment in life and not let today pass me by while looking forward to tomorrow. That is what I am going to do. Enjoy days to x-mas and not look so forwad to x-mas day that I stop leaving for today. Muli is starting Year 1 next year and she is extremely excited. I am also besides myself. I like seeing sparkles in her eyes, whenever she tells me about year 1. She is growing so fast. Every mom says that. Please allow Moms to repeat it thousand times because it is so true.

Can you spot the bottle on the floor?.  Second child syndrome if you know what I mean. Ha!.

This year was one of the best years of my life. Raising a six year old and a toddler just decorated my life. I experienced the highest levels of joy. I mean at the beginning of the year I watched Muli losing her first teeth at the same time when Zee was growing her first teeth. Muli lost four teeth and Zee grew 8 teeth. I have cheered Muli on the sideline in the play field and tried not to show other moms how excited and out of control I was feeling. I can imagine all the Moms are also trying hard not to lose their cool whenever they are cheering their kids. I have also cheered when she took her first step. Zee started to jump out of her crip to our bed and down to the floor way too soon. I watched and helped Muli learn to read and write. Meanwhile Zee was talking endless sentences. It’s a pity no one understands her language ha.

Sitting here reflecting about this year I could remember myself living on auto pilot, home-work-home-work. I am glad that during the auto pilot days I fed kids home cooked meals and done homework’s and kept sleeping routines. I also kept sane by going to gym regularly and recently I am enjoying 5am runs. The runs make me feel like energetic all day long at work.

Me and Cullo agreed to hike Table Mountain at least twice in a month. That was a good way to spend the weekend and Mondays were never the same. I mean sitting on my desk and from nowhere I will get a flash of a memory about something he said or done, that made me smile and decorated my Mondays. My legs are also on fleek.

Motivation is not permanent, anyone who has heard, read or experienced that raise your hand. Mine is raised and I would like to say to myself I am lucky to have learned that in my life time. I like travelling, seeing new places, different cultures and new faces inspires me. Once in a month I had adate to take a road trip with my friend. Those road trips have decorated my dreams, decorated my thinking and inspired me. I am looking forward to more road trips next year with my friend.

There are so many special things that happened this year if I had time I would like to write them all down. But this is enough as I need to stand up and go pack for holidays. Packing summer clothes for little girls is very interesting. I honestly wish that most of Zee and Mulis outfit were available in my size. Ha!

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