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November 2017

Thoughts on Wednesday

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I miss writing regularly.  After a long day at work and taking care of kids and house hold staff all I want is to rest.  Today I am |sitting here in the lounge, kids are fed, bathed and tugged in bed.  I just felt like writing.  There are a random things going on in my head. Like,

  • I JUST CUT ZEE’S HAIR.  Yep.  I was giving girls a bath and I just took a scissor and chop off all the hair.  Why do I feel sad though?.  Its only hair it will grow again.  I have been thinking of cutting them for a while but I never thought it will be this soon.


  • Muli is going out on a school outing and she is besides herself.  She reminds me of how excited I felt about school outings when I was young.  It is a memory that never fades in my mind.  All I can do is to try and make it really special for her and hope that she never forgets.  She asked for pancakes and who I am to say no.  I packed her half a pancake with nutella for a treat after she eat her lunch.


  • What is the deal with that guy?.  The one at work.  I am talking about when the project is in the middle of construction stage.  The one when you ask for information answers with a whole lot of paragraph and attachments of all the conversations he ever had with you about the info you requesting.  He got me mad today because he do this all the time but when he ask info from me I do not preach to him.  Sound depressing hey?.  Ok lets leave it here before I send him another email telling him how mean he is.


  • I got home from work and just went to drop my bag at the bedroom.  When I came back for my kisses from the girls and Cullo, dinner was served,  Just like that.  After kisses, I sat down to eat.  I married THE ONE.  If all my days where like this I would have lost baby weight already.  Ha!.  I will not have to eat left overs from Muli’s lunch box while preparing dinner.


  • I feel December vibe.  Can you feel it too?.  I sometimes fight to bring my mind to do serious work.  Because all I want is to go shopping, organise a trip home or just go shop for a large Christmas tree.

Let me crawl in bed before Zee wakes up to drink water.  She still cant sleep through the night.  There you finally get to understand why I do not write often.


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