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September 2016

Welcoming Spring.

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When thinking about spring all I can Imagine is lighter clothes (dresses, sandals, sunglasses and hats) not forgetting a small cardigan (this is cape town).  Unfortunately it is the opposite.  The temperatures are still low and some days it is raining.  But we taking advantage of warmer days to spend time outdoors.

This time of the year,there are beautiful flowers all over in Cape Town, even along the high ways.  I love flowers.  Whenever we are outside as family, I will be showing Muli flowers.  Now she is always on the look-out for nice flowers when we are out-and-about.  She never passes a flower without pointing  it to Mama.


One Saturday, the sun was shining bright after few days of rain.  It was warm too.  We could not let a beautiful day like that go to waste.  We decided to go for a walk at Kirstenbosch Gardens.  The garden is said to be the most beautiful garden in Africa. It lies on the feet of the famous Table Mountain.


I was a bit worried that we will find the place fully packed, because as we were closer to town there was a bit of traffic and long line of cars.  I was thrilled to find a parking bay closer to the entrance.  It was not as packed as I thought.  When it is packed it is not easy to admire the beauty of the gardens.    The minute we entered Muli was running around.  She called it the jungle.  She was asking if we will be able to spot a lion.  Lol! Not here child.


We walked around.  Muli wanted to push her sister on the stroller.  She always want to be the one pushing and that leaves her nicely tired by the end of the day.  This Mama was happy to be putting some miles in “hashtag baby weight” ha!.  There are sculptures in every corner in the garden.  They are exquisite pieces of art and blows the mind away.  Like these once.

20160827_150634 20160827_150647

We found a nice spot and settled for a small picnic.  We brought some fruits from home and bought doughnuts at the cafe.  There was a fresh smell of cut grass, flower blooming, and lots of bright colours. The breezy season full of sunshine is here.  I like Spring.


We had a good day and I liked that most of its path can be navigated by a stroller.  Zee was in her best behaviour.  That little bird in the pic below kept Muli busy and entertained for hours.


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