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September 2016

Where is my tog bag?.

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Am I the only one who likes rewards?

Imagine if you were promised to lose a guaranteed 10kg after following an exercise programme for 10 days.  Would you not jump to the opportunity?.  Because I will. 

Our gym club realised that it can not guarantee or promise us to lose a certain amount of weight at a certain time.  Then they promised to give out tog bags to new members.  All you need as a new member is go to gym 16 times in the next 2 months.  Very easy hey?.

I had a problem with my gym contract so I decided to just cancel it and rejoin (long story).  I was like a new member because I was starting a new contract.  I then qualified to enter the 16 days tog bag challenge.

I was in need of anything to motivate me to stop staring at my cutie nugget all day long and start working on my body.  In the past three weeks I have been going to the gym 6 times a week with ease. 

It was a fair deal since I just had a baby and my body needs serious rehabilitation, I took it to myself to clap these 16 days straight, resting only on Sundays.  You probably saying fit new mommy.  No, I am not fit and after 16days I am still not fit but I am definitely getting there.

When I started my 16 days tog bag challenge, I could not finish 15minutes of cardio exercise without feeling seriously tired.  Now I can at least keep active for 30min, which is huge for me.

This morning I could not wake up.  I was exhausted.  Sleepless nights and all, I made it to gym because it was the 16th day.  I was going to get my tog bag, so I thought.

I handed my card to the receptionist and I said “I’m getting my tog bag today” with a huge smile.  And he said “Oh good, I will take your card to the manager and he will email you to let you know when to collect the bag”.

What?.  Aaaag I was seriously pissed.  Now I finished the challenge and NO REWARD

It took me a good 8 minutes to convince myself to workout that day.  I looked on the positives and reminded myself of my fitness level when I started the challenge.  I also took a glimpse of my facial skin which was looking much more radiant compared to when I started the change.  I enjoyed my workout that day.

Truthfully the last 16 days of workout was kind of miserable but once it was done I felt great. Isn’t that always how it goes?.

I am looking at ways to motivate myself to keep going to the gym for the next month.  Maybe I will buy myself a good running shoe. 

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